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To Give Love

Our family has always had a deep love for animals. In fact, Justice rescued a dog just days before her passing. About a year later, Cruz and I began working at Happy Tails, an animal rescue in Glendive. It brought us so much joy to help care for all the cats, hoping each one would find a loving home.

We also made it a point to provide food and heated shelters for homeless cats in our backyard. Last year, a curious kitty named Peeping Tom showed up, and on extremely cold nights, we would coax him inside for a warm place to sleep. Little did we know, our act of kindness seemed to attract more furry visitors. Another tom cat, whom we named Blonde, also started showing up. Blonde adored the food and love from humans much more than timid Peeping Tom.

As the summer went on, Peeping Tom eventually moved on, but Blonde continued to stick around. He would lounge on our outdoor furniture, patiently waiting for breakfast at the sliding glass door each morning. I've been trying to find Blonde a forever home, as I don't want to become known as the "crazy cat lady." However, with Darren being home more often now after harvest, and his love for animals surpassing even mine, Blonde has been receiving an abundance of affection. Darren even lets him inside from time to time.

One morning, Darren woke up to find Blonde peering through the bedroom sliding glass door, hoping for food and love. Without hesitation, Darren opened the door, inviting Blonde in to cuddle on the bed. In that moment, it was as if Blonde had found his own personal heaven. I took a few pictures and posted them on Snapchat, and my step-daughter, Paige, commented on how happy it makes her to see a stray cat finding a place where it is truly loved.

I shared with Paige just how sweet Blonde is and how it seems he appreciates us far more than our other cats who have never experienced the hardships of being homeless and unloved. Blonde understands what it feels like to go hungry, to yearn for affection from humans, and to have no place to call home. This is why, when he receives love, it resonates deeply within him.

This made me reflect on the similarities with humans. Those who have never experienced great loss may not fully comprehend how quickly life can change, how tomorrow is never guaranteed, and how the people we cherish may no longer be with us. It is through these profound experiences that we learn to appreciate life at a much deeper level, for we understand that everything can change in the blink of an eye.

That's why Love Like Justice's mission is significant to me. It serves as a reminder to be kind, cherish life, and show love to both humans and animals, just as Justice did. It also emphasizes the importance of embracing the present and not taking tomorrow for granted. So, express your love, create memories, and live a purposeful life. In the end, Blonde's experience reminds us to love and appreciate every single day. Life is fragile, and to make the most of it, we must recognize its beauty in simpler things like the unconditional love of a furry friend. Let's choose to show affection and kindness, creating a ripple effect of love. That's what I want to leave behind, and that's why Love Like Justice is important. Together, let's practice self-love, spread compassion, and cultivate a kinder world for everyone.

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