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How Love Like Justice Started

Meet Justice – A Soul Worth Loving And A Soul Worth Remembering 


Perfectly imperfect and amazing in every way. That's the best way to describe Justice. Known to her friends as "Juice," Justice was a charismatic, free spirit who loved the people (and animals) surrounding her. From the time Justice was a little girl, she was a spitfire with a determination, strong will, and heart of gold that made her irresistible to love. Her qualities drew people to her, both young and old. 

Justice died in a car accident at 18 years old; at that moment, her death changed people. Justice's mother decided to use her death as a reminder that tomorrow is not a promise, to live a life of no regrets, not let fear get in the way of chasing your dreams, and to do acts of kindness to make the world brighter.

Justice was fun. And she had a way of making people feel good about themselves. Justice always seemed to have the right words at the right time. She could push people out of their comfort zones, always encouraging those around her to try new things and believe in themselves.

Justice was fearless. She wanted to experience everything. If Justice could have picked a superpower, it would have been to be everywhere at once. She wanted to live life to its fullest and definitely tried. There was a unique beauty in how she embraced life and its people.

She took tremendous pride in being a farm girl from eastern Montana. She was proud of her Red Angus cattle and the fact that she worked alongside her dad and grandfather. She loved talking about how hard she worked and the farm equipment she could operate. She was one-of-a-kind and wanted you to know it. 

Even now, we can picture her:

  • Driving her big black Excursion
  • Cranking her music
  • Heading down a country dirt road onto her next adventure 

How We Are Celebrating Justice's Life


Justice's life and death left a lasting impact on so many. Shortly after Justice's death, her mom Angie started Justice's Art Alley. Angie shared she had wanted to create an art alley for a few years, and now was the time to do it. "Justice's name was just as amazing as she was, and she would have loved everything about this," Angie wrote.

Justice's Art Alley in Glendive, Montana, is where the Love Like Justice movement began. Justice's parents were admiring all the beautiful art at the alley when Angie read the words, "Love Like Justice." At that moment, Angie knew that simple and meaningful three words would soon be a part of something big.

About a month after Justice passed, Angie began planning to use "Love Like Justice" to make a difference in the world. Her vision of lighting up a historic walking bridge in Glendive, Montana, in memory of Justice, prompted her to start the Justice Foundation. The foundation would help fund the community project.


Join The Love Like Justice Movement

All profits from the Love Like Justice online store will go to the Justice Foundation to help fund the bridge project and many others. The goal of the Justice Foundation is to provide funding for meaningful projects for years to come while offering an opportunity for others to join the Love Like Justice movement to honor a beautiful life lost too soon.


Justice D. Hagen

5.25.2002 to 6.25.2020