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The Justice Foundation

Our Mission

To keep Justice's vibrant memory alive by bringing more beauty, love, inspiration, creativity, compassion, hope, and goodness to the world through meaningful community projects and acts of kindness.

The Historic Bell Street Bridge Lighting Project

Shine The Light

The Justice Foundation is an organization working to bring more beauty and goodness to the world. Created by Justice's mom, Angie, to honor her memory and spirit, the foundation will fund projects that embody the passions Justice would have valued most. Angie knew funding these projects would take significant work and creativity, so she started the Justice Foundation.

Sharing the light Justice brought to the lives of others, the first project will be lighting the Historic Bell Street Bridge in her hometown of Glendive, Montana. The bridge crosses the Yellowstone River, where locals and travelers alike can enjoy its wildlife and serenity. Once this project is complete, the foundation will choose another project to continue to spread Justice's light.

Thank you for being so supportive in celebrating Justice's legacy with us! The foundation directors are excited to grow the Justice Foundation and look forward to the many projects that will bring joy and goodness to the world. Justice would be so proud of the inspiration sparked by her life and the transformational power that comes with showing that good things can happen through hard work, passion, and a grieving heart.

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Please help us keep Justice's memory alive by making the world more beautiful.