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The World Through My Eyes

I wish you could see life through my eyes. Today, as I was shopping at a department store, I saw a mom impatient with her daughter and the shopping situation. The daughter was super sweet, and I could tell she was trying to calm her mom down, but it only made the mom more frustrated. As I watched the mom and daughter interact, I wanted so badly to ask the mom to slow down and enjoy her time with her child. I wanted to tell her I would do anything to be shopping for shoes with my daughter on that day. I wanted that mom to look at the world from my eyes, and I was hoping it would change her perspective on that day and teach her what a gift her time with her daughter truly was at that moment.

 I have been in that mother's shoes before, so stressed out about life, motherhood, and the endless list of things to do. I wish I could have slowed down enough to enjoy the moments more than I did. I wonder, if a person would have tried to give me advice, would I have even understood the lesson to its true magnitude? Would I have let the person's words sink in and change me? 

 I was trying to decide if I told the lady to enjoy the time with her daughter, if she would have or if I would have just irritated her more? If I would have said, I wish I could be in your shoes right now, shopping with my daughter, but I can't because my daughter is dead, so please take a big breathe and appreciate what you have right here, right now at this moment. But I didn't say this because I started crying right there in the shoe department. Uncontrollable tears while shopping; this is undoubtedly an experience I have encountered many times since Justice passed. At that moment, I knew if I had even tried to open my mouth, the lady wouldn't have been able to understand my words through my sobs. So I walked out of the store with my head down, fighting back my tears. 

 I cried because I could have tried to make that lady's day more meaningful. I cried because I wasn't strong enough at that moment to speak from my heart. I cried because Justice's death taught me so much. I cried because I wanted another chance to do everything all over again, but with my new perspective. I cried because I missed Justice.

 I wish I could have been a calmer person when raising my children. I wish I wouldn't have made work and a clean house a priority. I wish I appreciated the little things to the level I do now. Although I can't spend my life looking back, I need to look forward to how I will embrace this gift of the true meaning of life at a level I would have never been able to feel until Justice died. Justice death gave me this gift, and I will forever embrace it. 

 So I hope the mom at the Dillard's store in Billings, Montana, and all moms out there read my blog and learn from the life lessons taught to me. I hope people can learn to deal with the stress in their lives differently and find joy in all the moments given to us.

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