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Justice's Lights

Justice's Lights on the Historic Bell Street Bridge in Glendive, Montana.


The G&G RGB Color Mixing LED lights will turn on every evening at sunset and turn off the following morning when the sun rises.

Can I light Justice's Lights?

Yes, individuals can pay to have Justice's Lights lit. The cost is $100 per night. 


What colors can we choose?

Justice's Lights can be any color you choose.


When and how can I reserve a night to light Justice's lights?

Programming the lights takes time, so we request two weeks' notice. Although we understand things happen and try to be accommodating to individuals.

To reserve a night, email us at


What is the cost each night?

Justice's Lights costs $100 per night; this includes choosing the colors and a social media post on FaceBook and Instagram. 


What do I need to do to light the bridge?

  1. Please email us to reserve the Justice's Lights.
  2. Choose a color or colors.
  3. Provide pictures for the social media post.
  4. Provide content (your words) for the post.
  5. Pay $100 for each day.


How can I pay?

You can pay with Venmo @love_like-Justice or on our website.


What do you do with the money you make?

The money goes toward paying the utilities for the lights, maintenance, replacement costs, and future projects.